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I have a model which has a field called deleted, which is used to mark those deleted items.

So normally I would just want to query those having deleted = false items, and in some special cases to list those deleted items for restoring.

Is it possible to do that? What I could do now is just using a named scope having :conditions => {:deleted => false}

Is there a better way to do it so that When I do Item.other_named_scope, I could find all those not-deleted items?

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You can use default_scope for this.

class Post
  default_scope :conditions => {:deleted => false}

Now all queries to the Post model will be on ACTIVE posts. When you want to override this behavior use with_exclusive_scope:

Post.with_exclusive_scope{ find_all_by_deleted(true) } #returns deleted records


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The default_scope affects every finder call. It should be used with care and with full awareness of the unwanted side-effects.

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Despite the caveats I still recommend avoiding conditions with default scope and using it more for order by. It's likely that someone else (or the future you) will forget about the query limiting part and will be scratching their head for a while chasing phantom bugs due to it. My 2 cents from experience :) – Michael Durrant Apr 17 '13 at 14:20
@MichaelDurrant, I avoid default scopes in most scenarios for the reason you have stated. That being said, I revisit the issue whenever I have to make a call on choosing an approach for excluding the deleted records. Few times I have tentatively chosen the default scope approach. – Harish Shetty Apr 17 '13 at 17:07

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