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I am using UMDH tool to analyze the memory leaks of my application.

The top leaks observed by UMDH logs are as follows:

  • 237856226 ( 241016812 - 3160586) 3704833 allocs BackTraceE9
  • 3685198 ( 3704833 - 19635) BackTraceE9 allocations

  • 207093760 ( 207355904 - 262144) 791 allocs BackTrace6EB

  • 790 ( 791 - 1) BackTrace6EB allocations

I have built my application in debug mode and specified the PDB files in the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH. But I am still unable to see the stack trace from my application. For example in the above log "MSVCR80!malloc+0000007A" malloc is being called , but no idea from which part of my application.

What extra configuration is required so that debug symbols will be visible in the UMDH logs?


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This is a terrible oversight on Microsoft's part. Here are the details. You are basically out of luck with this version of Microsoft's CRT library.

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Well this explains it !!!!!.. Thanks –  hits_lucky Sep 2 '10 at 4:42

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