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I have a music player app on the Market and my users starting reporting problems with music showing up as "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown Title" after the Froyo update. I have noticed the same behavior on my Motorola Droid 2 running Froyo. Doing some googling, I find other users (and even confirmed the issue) that "Android" is not reading/storing tags correctly. I can't find any technical/developer feedback on this issue.

Here's the code that has been working for 6 months prior to Froyo:

String whereclause = MediaStore.Audio.Media.DATA + " = \"" + path
        + "\"";
curSong = CR.query(MediaStore.Audio.Media
        .getContentUri("external"), new String[] {
        MediaStore.Audio.Media.TITLE, MediaStore.Audio.Media.ALBUM,
        MediaStore.Audio.Media.ARTIST }, whereclause, null, null);
if (curSong != null) {
    title = curSong.getString(0);
    album = curSong.getString(1);
    artist = curSong.getString(2);

After the query, curSong is not null, so the "if" block continues, but then I get CursorIndexOutOfBounds when trying to read curSong.getString(0). Is there some new way that Froyo stores the tags in MediaStore?

After some debugging, I find that the ID3 tags are just fine and still in the same place. The problem is with my whereclause. I am looking the song up by its path, which was previously stored in MediaStore.Audi.Media.DATA, but is apparently no longer there, so I'm actually getting an empty set form this query. Now I need to find where that path is stored.

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Thanks for posting this. I'm developing a music player app and this information was very useful. I would vote it up but i just started this account and have no points. LOL. :/ GG on the code. – user503533 Nov 10 '10 at 17:14
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I found the problem. The path is still being stored in MediaStore.Audio.Media.DATA, however, it appears that Froyo added "/mnt" in front of "/sdcard". When I added "/mnt" to the path in the whereclause, it was able to find the song and all is well.

I hope this helps someone else in the future.

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