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I'm at the very early stage of learning Android. Can anyone tell me how I can use the text written in a Text box by user?

I'm trying to use getText() method but finding it confusing.

Thanks in advance.

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getText should do it.

you maybe need a string cast?

what is the code you using @ the moment?


EditText editText = (EditText)findViewById(R.id.yourId);

String editTextStr = editText.getText().toString()



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TextBox t = (TextBox)findViewById(R.id.textboxid)
String s = "";
s = t.getText().toString();

Here you can get content of textbox

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I think what might be confusing him is that getText() doesn't return a string. You have to do getText().toString()

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yes you need to retrieve the text by using getText() method. What is it that you find confusing here?

In short you need to say Textview.getText()

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i think you are looking for TextView


getText and setText methods are avaialbe in this class to set and get text value.

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