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Hey, my first question here :) I'm searching for an alert framework. It should be able to do:

  • sending alerts about multiple channels (E-mail, SMS, Real time monitor)
  • should be easily configured. That means, alerts must be created without programming skills. Maybe in a xml-File or something like that.
  • There must be a configuration file about the specific alerts. This file describe how to react when a specific alert occurs. Who should be notified and which format the alert message must have.
  • must have an API that i can use in a java application.

I've not found something, that is able to do that. I've read, that the JMX Framework is able to do something like that, but I've no idea how. I would be happy about some ideas :)

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The easiest is to use a logging framework. Several exists.

The most actively maintained is logback, where you might find the SMTPAppender an interesting starting point.

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