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friend's I have to parse the description from url,where parsed content have few html tags,so how can i convert it to plain text.

Thanks in advance.

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What are your precise requirements? Do you need to strip HTML tags? Extract the content of a specific tag? –  Vivien Barousse Aug 31 '10 at 10:05
i can able to extract the content,but the content have <p>zcc dsdfsf ddfdfsf </P><span>sfdfdfdfdf</span>, like the above i'm getting my data but i need to be a simple plain text.without those html tags –  MGSenthil Aug 31 '10 at 10:54
Similar question with good answer here : stackoverflow.com/questions/1518675/…. I used Jericho and it works fine. –  ruffp Sep 3 '13 at 9:49
You should mark this question as answered. –  ankitjaininfo Mar 26 '14 at 6:30

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Use a HTML parser like htmlCleaner

For detailed answer : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1699313/how-to-remove-html-tag-in-java

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I'd recommend parsing the raw HTML through jTidy which should give you output which you can write xpath expressions against. This is the most robust way I've found of scraping HTML.

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You can use this single line to remove the html tags and display it as plain text.

htmlString=htmlString.replaceAll("\\<.*?\\>", "");
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Just getting rid of HTML tags is simple:

// replace all occurrences of one or more HTML tags with optional
// whitespace inbetween with a single space character 
String strippedText = htmlText.replaceAll("(?s)<[^>]*>(\\s*<[^>]*>)*", " ");

But unfortunately the requirements are never that simple:

Usually, <p> and <div> elements need a separate handling, there may be cdata blocks with > characters (e.g. javascript) that mess up the regex etc.

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good that you clarified all that complexity! –  ankitjaininfo Aug 31 '10 at 13:18

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