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I have generated grid panel based on my results in PHP. Here is a grid panel: myGridPanel.
Now I need to create third row in grid panel and place Ext.form.ComboBox inside this third row. There should be a Ext.form.ComboBox for every column.

NB! Not one combobox, but a number of them for every column, but only in third row.

I thought about applying editor to this grid panel columns like here, but as you can see this means, that all rows will have Ext.form.ComboBox, but I need them only in third row. Third row shouldn't have any content except those Ext.form.ComboBox with their data.

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I think you should add a renderer for that column (in ColumnModel) and try to give the column value (which can probably be everything) depending on which line you are rendering. E.g.:

function renderTestColumn(value, p, record, store) {
    return value;

Here you can find all params passed to renderer function:


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No no. I know about renderers. Here I need to add a row and I need to place a ComboBox under every column in that third row. –  Eugene Aug 31 '10 at 11:22

I solved the problem by adding a PropertyGrid to the layout. So now it's

Parent - layout : 'border'
| - 'center' : GridPanel
| - 'east' : PropertyGrid

Now I have same ComboBoxes in this property grid and parent is xtype : 'form'. So now sending setup data from suggestions about GridPanel which were set in PropertyGrid is not a problem.

Adding separate row to GridPanel is to difficult for me yet.

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