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I have two Sharepoint lists: - Assignments - Activities

The activities list has a lookup field to the assignments list as activities (e.g. monthly review of X) are related to an assignment.

My question is, how would I display other fields from Assignments in a view of Activities using standard Sharepoint 2007 (we have restrictions on using SP Designer or Visual Studio as it is a 'standard' corporate environment)?



Assignment    Frequency    Area       Assigned To 
Read X        Monthly      Finance    Bill


Assignment    Date        Action
Read X        2-Mar-08    No actions needed
Read X        3-Apr-08    Adjust Y

Desired SharePoint List (to view/sort/filter)

Assignment    Frequency    Area       Assigned To    Date        Action
Read X        Monthly      Finance    Bill           2-Mar-08    No actions needed
Read X        Monthly      Finance    Bill           3-Apr-08    Adjust Y
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If you can't use the Data View Web Part from SPD, then I think you are going to have to use a content editor webpart and do this all in javascript. intro article

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I have figured out a workaround that doesn't use Sharepoint designer but it's a bit of a hack. In MS Access, I linked two tables to each of my Sharepoint lists and created a query which linked them together. I then created an Excel file and put it on the Sharepoint that references the MS Access file (the Excel file has a hyperlink to the edit field).

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