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I want to create personal folders during installation. I did the following steps:

Right click on your setup project -> View -> File System

Right click on node “File system on target machine” -> Add special folder -> User’s personal data folder

Right click on node “User’s personal data folder” -> Add -> Folder -> type “My Personal Folder 1”

After deployment they it should in users “My documents”.

I know the above steps are correct and should work because i did it in the other application (solution) and worked fine. When i did same exact steps (of course i changed the folder name to be created), the application gets deployed but when i install, i don't get the Personal Folder under Documents? I wonder why did it work with my first solution and didn't work with the current one!

Please help, i have no other options except asking. I cleaned solution, i rebuilt, i tried different things but no hope.

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There must be some difference but there is no way we can find that.

Did you make sure there is no previous version installed? Upped the versionnumber(s) ?

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I installed the second application previously during the testing phase. However, i already uninstalled all previous versions, yet! The personal folder doesn't get created ... Odd – user311509 Aug 31 '10 at 11:24
On the other hand, during the testing phase, everything worked fine, but after i made little tiny change in project setup properties, it didn't work at all no matter how i try. – user311509 Aug 31 '10 at 11:25

Use "always create" in the folder´s properties, otherwise it wont create empty folders during the installation

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