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i have uibinder html element like below

  <div class='thumbnailWrapper'>
             <a href='#'><img src='41546-140.jpg' /></a>
             <div class='caption'>
                 <p class='captionInside'>testing javascript</p>
         <div class='clear'></div><!-- clear the float -->
     </ul><!-- end unordered list -->
</div><!-- end spolightWrapper div -->



my javascript have no problem executed in firefox,ie. but in safari/ chrome, the javascript is not call. have a look at my uploaded sample at http://bit.ly/ayuFc1 . try open with firefox and compared with chrome/safari

my javascript

function jQ_Zoom(){


alert($('.thumbnailWrapper ul li').find('img').height());

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what is your javascript? –  Andrew Bullock Aug 31 '10 at 13:03
@Andrew updated –  cometta Aug 31 '10 at 13:46
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It looks like you are putting the <script> tag directly in your UiBinder xml, that doesn't look right. I think the correct solution is either:

  1. Wrap the Javascript function in a JSNI call.
  2. Make your Javascript <script> call in your HTML file (outside of the UiBinder).

The first option is the preferred method of integrating native Javascript with GWT.

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