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i need to upload file without using a form. i need to do this to make automated upload if a user click a button...

i have create $_FILES['thefile']['name'] and $_FILES['thefile']['tmp'] but it still not working. is it possible to do uploading without a form ?

btw, i use wordpress. and wp use is_uploaded_file() to check whether the file a copy is an uploaded file or not.

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i have create $_FILES['thefile']['name'] and $_FILES['thefile']['tmp'] - php runs on the server. Altering $_FILES doesn't make the client send the data. It's the other way round: If the client sends multipart/form-data data then php will fill $_FILES with the appropriate elements. I.e. you have to "convince" the client to send the data. –  VolkerK Aug 31 '10 at 13:06
@vokerk do you have reference on how to convince the client to send the data ? i really need to understand this technique. –  justjoe Aug 31 '10 at 18:36

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Array $_FILES fills only where we use form with input element of "file" type.

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For security reasons this isn't allowed. You could embbed a java applet or flash to upload a file.

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