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What i want is really simple. I have a small image file called "logo.png" that i want to display on the upper left corner of my plots. But you cant find any example of that in the examples gallery of matplotlib

Im using django, and my code is something like this

def get_bars(request)
    fig = Figure(facecolor='#F0F0F0',figsize=(4.6,4))
    ax1 = fig.add_subplot(111,ylabel="Valeur",xlabel="Code",autoscale_on=True)
    ax1.bar(ind,values,width=width, color='#FFCC00',edgecolor='#B33600',linewidth=1)
    canvas = FigureCanvas(fig)
    response = HttpResponse(content_type='image/png')
    return response

any ideas?? thxs in advance

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If you want the image at the corner of your actual figure (rather than the corner of your axis), look into figimage.

Perhaps something like this? (using PIL to read the image):

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import Image
import numpy as np

im = Image.open('/home/jofer/logo.png')
height = im.size[1]

# We need a float array between 0-1, rather than
# a uint8 array between 0-255
im = np.array(im).astype(np.float) / 255

fig = plt.figure()

plt.plot(np.arange(10), 4 * np.arange(10))

# With newer (1.0) versions of matplotlib, you can 
# use the "zorder" kwarg to make the image overlay
# the plot, rather than hide behind it... (e.g. zorder=10)
fig.figimage(im, 0, fig.bbox.ymax - height)

# (Saving with the same dpi as the screen default to
#  avoid displacing the logo image)
fig.savefig('/home/jofer/temp.png', dpi=80)


alt text

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it worked... thxs a lot! –  pleasedontbelong Aug 31 '10 at 15:13

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