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When you go on your profile page and click on "See all" in the "Friends" sidebar, you come up with a simple popup showing a (paginated) list of your friends (with their profile picture and name) and a search button.

I've got a list of users' ids and I'd like to display them in the same exact way: with a popup, the list and the fancy search button. Is there any simple way of doing this or should I write the popup content by hand (trying to imitate FB layout) and then use FBJS to display it? Thanks.

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I think there is no simple way to do it. FB doesn't provide the feature as a plugin or single API. But it would be possible to imitate the UI by using CSS+Javascript that FB uses.

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I feared that. I hoped since this is a very used (and reused) feature in FB website, there could have been some API to do this! :-( – Alberto Santini Sep 1 '10 at 15:58

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