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So my question is how to send some comands or input from one (c++) program to another if hi is on hidden mode? For example I want to open some text file in notepad with function WinExec("notepad", 0); and than want to print conetent of file, I make handle to that file, make sendinput with CTRL+P, and the window of printig show up,.... I want to make all that proces hidden from user, is it possible?

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There're many ways to do it. You can open notepad on a separate desktop. If you run notepad with SW_HIDDEN it would also not show the window, and then you can use windows hooks to hook the creation of print window and ShowWindow() it to hidden.

But why all the hassle? If you don't need notepad's UI, why not just print the file yourself?

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thnx... I just put notepad and printing for easy example, what I have to do is more advanced things, like sending bunch of commands to program, all in hidden mode –  user436011 Aug 31 '10 at 16:18

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