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I want to convert int to char array and double to char array. Any way of doing this in C or Objective C.

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Do you mean something along the lines of turning an integer into a string using snprintf, or do you mean something else? –  torak Aug 31 '10 at 14:32
Are you trying to accomplish something or learn how to do something? Either is possible here. –  David Thornley Aug 31 '10 at 14:37
What I want is if int is converted to char then the resulting char array should be of 4 byte (assuming int size 4 byte) and same for the double. –  Ideveloper Aug 31 '10 at 14:43

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If you want to treat the number as an array of char, you can take the address and cast the pointer:

int i;
double d;
char * ic = (char *) &i;
char * dc = (char *) &d;

then ic and dc are pointers to char. They aren't zero-terminated, so you can't use them as strings, but they can be used as arrays.

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For another interpretation of what "converting" means, use

union double_or_bytes { double d ; char bytes[8] ; } converter;

converter.d = <the double you have> ;

<do what you wanted to do with> converter.bytes ;
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And union int_or_bytes {int i; char bytes[4];}; –  Nick T Aug 31 '10 at 14:40

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