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I am unable to adjust volume of sounds in my app when testing on new iPhone 4 (tried two devices) it works on an iPad and my colleague just told me that on 3Gs with iOS 4 the volume goes down when trying to increase ... that's something doesn't make sense at all.

I am using AudioToolbox/AudioServices.h to just play short sounds in a game that are Wav format. It definitely looks like that the software version affects that a lot but I have no idea how to fix it ... anyone? :)



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Hi I was having the same problem, I found out it's because I hadn't set the Session category:

NSError *setCategoryError = nil; 
[[AVAudioSession sharedInstance] setCategory: AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback error: &setCategoryError]; 

if (setCategoryError) { //handle error } 

you can find out more about sessions Here:

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