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I need a custom Combobox in flex(as an ActionScript file), where I need to display in dropdown all the data nodes in the dataprovider as comma seperated values and when selecting only display one single node/value in textInput. How can we implemented this. Please help.

Thanks, Rejeev.

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Displaying the dataProvider as a comma separated list breaks normal UI Conventions. How would the user select a single item from that list? I suggest you rethink your approach. –  JeffryHouser Aug 31 '10 at 16:43

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With Flex 4 you can do this with a custom Layout object, probably a variation of the HorizontalLayout. To change the layout, create a new ComboBoxSkin copied from the default ComboBoxSkin and set the layout of the DataGroup. You'll probably also want to create a custom ItemRenderer too to display the label with a comma. Hope that helps.

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<mx:ComboBox id="fristname" x="283" y="63" 
    change="fistnameinput.text = fristname.text" width="160">
        <mx:String>Frist name</mx:String>
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