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Is it possible to extend the "Send to" menu in Office (not the Windows one; I know how to do that). I would like to launch my own application with the source document as the target.

Update: I am looking for a non-VSTO based solution.

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In 2007, you can extend the ribbon, and should be able to place your control in the group FileSendMenu in the tab Office Menu. I don't think this is supported in the designer available in the last VSTO-addin for Visual Studio, so you may have to hand craft your xml.

<customUI xmlns="" onLoad="OnLoad" loadImage="OnGetImage">
      <menu idMso="FileSendMenu">
        <button id="oButtonId"

You will need an event handler ("OnButtonPress") as well has handlers for description, iconst etc. You could do this with VBA, but I would rather go with a proper Add-In.

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