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I have all my text inside view coding. I preffer to save it in app_resources, because i would to add other languages in future, and its look quite cleaner.

I just know that I need to use metatags in my view for text to connect it with file app_resource. How to it correctly, could you show me some examples how it looks like in view??

Thanks a lot and take care, Ragims

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You only need to create App_LocalResources folder in the same folder where you hold your views. Then give a name to zzz.resx. And then you can call resources in your view via zzz.

Example: *You have folder Contact in your View Folder. Your add App_LocalResources to Contact folder. Then you give a name Contact.resx to your .resx file.

Finally in the view you can use <%= ContactResources.Contact.Index_ContactWithUs %> where Contact.Index_ContactWithUs - name of concrete resource.

Don't forget that in resources settings you can modify access type (Internal or Public).

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