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My config/locales/pl.yml file (sampled from here):

    day_names: [Niedziela, Poniedziałek, Wtorek, Środa, Czwartek, Piątek, Sobota]
    month_names: [~, Styczeń, Luty, Marzec, Kwiecień, Maj, Czerwiec, Lipiec, Sierpień, Wrzesień, Październik, Listopad, Grudzień]

In script/console:

I18n.locale = 'pl'
=> "pl""%A, %B")
=> "Tuesday, August"

Why? Or put it another way - how can I get translated month names? I'll also note that the locale file is definitely read as it includes a bunch of other translations, which all work.

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That depends on which rails version you are using. There's a helper to translate that, on rails 3.0.0 (I don't know from which version it was made available).

In a view, you can write

localize, :format => '%A, %B'

in script/console (or rails console), try typing:

controller.localize, :format => '%A, %B'

and see if it works. There's also the lhelper (lowercase L), which is a shorthand for localize:

controller.l, :format => '%A, %B'
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Thanks! It's all about using localize instead of translate helper. Btw, in console (in Rails 2.3) it should be helper.localize, :format => "%B", not controller.. And another addition - you must have pl, time, formats entries in pl.yml. – Paweł Gościcki Sep 1 '10 at 11:11

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