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I've worked with PRISM on one major project before so I'm pretty familiar with the concepts involved but I'm about to embark on a self managed project and was wondering if anyone has any pearls of wisdom about how to go about implementing an appropriate architecture for a straight forward LOB/Forms over data app. I'll want to leverage as much of PRISM and Unity as possible.

Obviously most people start with the bootstrapper, shell and regions but if you've got a reasonably simple but large app to build, with tight timescales ( like always :-) how I can I save some time in my workflow? Where should I go from there?

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It's not much, but I started writing snippets to help with the bigger, repetitive parts of Prism, like creating a new command. Ideally you could have templates for adding a View or ViewModel and things like that also. I also have a quite decent ViewModelBase class and ViewController class for swopping out views in different regions. That way swopping a view comes down to a 1 liner most of the times.

Not much but it does save time.

I'd paste the snippet here but it doesnt format properly, suppose it is because it is XML?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

Prism Command pcom Code snippet for creating a new Prism Command wilmarvh PublicPrism Name of the command ie. EditUserCommand ExampleAction string PrivatePrism Name of the command ie. editUserCommand exampleAction string

    public ICommand $PublicPrism$Command
            if ($PrivatePrism$Command == null)
                $PrivatePrism$Command = new DelegateCommand(Execute$PublicPrism$Command, CanExecute$PublicPrism$Command);
            return $PrivatePrism$Command;

    public void Execute$PublicPrism$Command()
        // do whatever here
        throw new NotImplementedException();

    private bool CanExecute$PublicPrism$Command()
        // add executing criteria and checks here
        return true;

$end$ ]]>

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It may not be much but it's the only answer so well done,..you get the points. –  Stimul8d Sep 17 '10 at 11:33

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