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i'm relatively new with flash, so...

i've been looking into this for 2 days now,
so i hope someone can help me out.

i have several external swf files, each one can
call any of them.

say i'm in home.swf and i clicked about.swf, i
want to stay in home.swf whilst about.swf is being
so i don't have an empty screen. they are
both external swf files, hold by a main container.

my actionscript is in 2.0 and i know it has something
to do with "onLoadComplete" before
"loadMovie ("about.swf", "_root.content");"
but i just don't know how to write this bit of code.

please please help me!!!! i really appreciate your time

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If can help you have look to this site, it have a complete tutorial step by step to get the same result of your case.

Click here to see a full tutorial

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