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What query would I have to use to check if the querying user has permissions to create temporary tables in the database?

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I do not know if there is an elegant way of doing this with a query, but a "hackish" type of way to do it would be to use a mysql_query() and see if you get a result for that table or an error.

function checkCreateTempPermission($table) {
     $res = mysql_query("CREATE `$table` "); // modify this to be your temporary table code.
     if ($res === false) {
         if (strstr(mysql_error(), "command denied to user")) {
              return false;
         }else {
              // some other error happened not sure how you want to handle it so left blank.
     }else {
         return true;

I have not tested this at all, more or less a theory of how it could be done. Alternatively, you can write a script that runs this SQL:

Show grants for myuser;

And then loop through that testing if they have access for that table. This would take a bit more work, but at least would not error out. Hope that helps to get you started.

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I guess I'll run with Show Grants. –  rsman Sep 1 '10 at 3:01

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