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I've finally created a Dissector for my UDP protocol in Lua for Wireshark, but the work flow is just horrendous. It consists of editing my custom Lua file in my editor, then double-clicking my example capture file to launch Wireshark to see the changes. If there was an error, Wireshark informs me via dialogs or a red line in the Tree analysis sub-pane. I then re-edit my custom Lua file and then close that Wireshark instance, then double-click my example capture file again. It's like compiling a C file and only seeing one compiler error at a time.

Is there a better (faster) way of looking at my changes, without having to restart Wireshark all the time?

At the time, I was using Wireshark 1.2.9 for Windows with Lua enabled.

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Are there any useful lua dissector tutorials and class documentation? – harper Nov 21 '10 at 17:33
@harper Classes and functions are documented at wireshark.org/docs/wsdg_html_chunked/wsluarm_modules.html – Lekensteyn Apr 3 at 22:00
@Lekensteyn Yes, there is a list of classes and functions. But it was asked for a workflow instead of that list. – harper Apr 4 at 5:53
@harper There is a very simple example in the previous chapter, the wiki and also a SharkFest presentation on Lua dissectors by Hadriel (Tuesday session 11). – Lekensteyn Apr 4 at 12:37
@Lekensteyn You missed it again, sorry. There is no request for an (even simple) example. It's a request for for workflow improvement. – harper Apr 4 at 12:44

The best way to automate this is by using command line. Yep, use tshark instead of loading gui thingy.

If your lua script is called "proto.lua" and it defines an protocol called "MyProto" that uses port 8888, you can test your dissector using:

tshark -X lua_script:proto.lua -O MyProto -V -f "port 8888"
  • -V option makes tshark print all the info of all protocols.
  • -O option filters the -V option to make it show all the info only on the listed(CSV) protocols.
  • -f option filters all packets that doesn't conform to the rule. In this case any packet that is not from the right port.
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You might be able to write a trivial wrapper function that Wireshark loads, and have it just load the real file from disk (e.g. via dofile()). This could probably "trick" Wireshark into always reloading your Lua code until you're more comfortable with it and can remove this hack.

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The latest Wireshark release comes with a primitive console for running lua script. It can be found under Tools -> Lua -> Evaluate. From there, you should be able to reload your dissector by running dofile(). You'll also have to remove the previous version of your dissector.

Here's an example for a TCP-based dissector.

local tcp_dissector_table = DissectorTable.get("tcp.port")
tcp_dissector_table:remove(pattern, yourdissector)
yourdissector = nil


I recommend placing this code in a function inside your file.

Now there's a problem with this answer: If your script created a Proto object, it seems that you can't create it again with the same id. The constructor for the Proto class calls the C function proto_register_protocol() (see epan/wslua/wslua_proto.c). I can't find any lua function that will unregister the protocol. In fact, I can't even find a C function to unregister it.

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"In fact, I can't even find a C function to unregister it." There isn't one - without Lua, there's no mechanism for registering dissectors (or other plugins) at any time other than startup time, so there was no need for unregistering. With Lua, it might make sense to add that (and add some IDE capabilities to Wireshark for Lua - I think somebody has an IDE written in Lua that could perhaps be used for this). – user862787 Jun 6 '13 at 2:44

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