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i recently installed Ubercart module and manged to configure most of the shopping cart. One of the issues i am having is finding a place to update the Customer Information message

"Enter a valid email address for this order or click here to login with an existing account and return to checkout."

to whatver i want. Could not figure out where i can find this piece of text so that i can update it. This message is appearing on /cart/checkout page:


Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Oooold question, I know, but I did it with the following:

In a custom module, you can add it to _form_alter, i.e.

function mymodule_form_alter((&$form, $form_state, $form_id) {
     $form['panes']['customer']['primary_email']['#description'] = 
          t('Your custom message goes here.');     
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