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I am a cakephp newbie and I tried to setup my connection to mysql. I had it worked before but after I changed my mysql database name, it won't connect anymore even thought I changed the database name in database.php inside the config folder. Do I have to run the cakephp console again??

Your tmp directory is writable.

The FileEngine is being used for caching. To change the config edit APP/config/core.php

Your database configuration file is present.

Cake is NOT able to connect to the databa

Above is the message shown. Any ideas what I have to do? Thanks a lot!

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Make sure that the new database allows the user in the database.php file to have access to the new database. Look at the MySQL GRANT syntax.

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yes. I use root as my user name in my database.php...:( – FlyingCat Sep 1 '10 at 2:32
Well I would then setup a simple test script that uses mysql_connect and see what error it is throwing and try running some simple queries on the database you are trying to use / access. – Brad F Jacobs Sep 1 '10 at 2:49
Thanks. I got it now... – FlyingCat Sep 1 '10 at 2:57

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