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I have been looking at a lot of combo boxes but have yet to see one that uses JSON on the backend or one that is more than six fields. I was trying to use http://www.appelsiini.net/2010/jquery-chained-selects as a resource but am having trouble implementing JSON at the backend. Would someone mind giving me a hand?

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Please add some code to show what you have at the moment. Currently you have not provided enough detail. –  Hailwood Sep 1 '10 at 3:11
What kind of trouble are you having with JSON? Parsing it? Navigating the object structure? I'm pretty sure the Chained plugin will be able to accommodate your UI scheme once you get the JSON figured out. –  Trafalmadorian Sep 1 '10 at 3:29
If it helps any, I am trying to emulate this for our site nixonnow.com/watch-selector –  ehime Sep 1 '10 at 18:58

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<p class="notice" > <select id="forGender" > <option value="" >-- </option > <option value="m" >Guys </option > <option value="f" >Girls </option > </select >

<select disabled="" id="displayType" > <option value="" >-- </option > </select > <select disabled="" id="material" > <option value="" >-- </option > </select > <select disabled="" id="color" > <option value="" >-- </option > </select > <select disabled="" id="price" > <option value="" >-- </option > </select > <select disabled="" id="custom" > <option value="" >-- </option > </select > $(function(){ $("#displayType").chained("#gender");
$("#band <aterial").chained("#displayType"); $("#color").chained("#bandMaterial"); $("#caseDiameter").chained("#color"); $("#bandWidth").chained("#caseDiameter"); $("#keywords").chained("#bandWidth"); }); </script > </p >


{ "idName": "The Time Teller", "forGender": "m", "displayType": "analog", "bandType": "plastic", "caseDiameter": 1.5, "caseThickness": 0.5, "bandWidth": 0.78, "items": [ { "color1": "white", "color2": "none", "price": 59.99, "cat": "29400", "img": "155320-0002-front", "sku": 155411 }, { "color1": "blue", "color2": "none", "price": 59.99, "cat": "32579", "img": "155411-0005-front", "sku": 160041 }, { "color1": "black", "color2": "pink", "price": 59.99, "cat": "38404", "img": "160041-0001-front", "sku": 155320 } ], "specialInformation": { "restrictions": "Available for US customers only.", "details": [ "Custom 3 hand Japanese quartz movement.", "100 meter molded polycarbonate case.", "Hardened mineral crystal.", "Locking looper and polycarbonate buckle." ], "desc": "Nixon's The Time Teller watch keeps it simpleton with hard case and custom molded polyurethane band." } }

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