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let me elaborate more on the Title. Consider for example PHP_FUNCTION(session_start). Will I be able to invoke session_start from within session_id which is another PHP_FUNCTION (this is just for illustration not the actual purpose)?

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I don`t know for the others but I do not understand what you want at all friend :( –  Iznogood Sep 1 '10 at 3:08

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Well, yes, but you should avoid it as much as possible. One of the main benefits of writing internal implementations of functions is that, contrary to what happens in PHP, C function calls are cheap. Additionally, calling PHP functions internally in C code is relatively painful.

For instance, in the case of session_start, you have php_session_start, which is exposed by the session extension. Owing to what I described in the first paragraph, extensions will usually export C functions that may be useful to others.

In fact, the internal PHP function foo needed to call the internal PHP function bar, the best strategy, if possible, would be to define an auxiliary (non PHP_FUNCTION) C function with most of the implementation of bar. Then both PHP_FUNCTION(foo) and PHP_FUNCTION(bar) could call that auxiliary function.

Anyway, the easiest way to call PHP functions is to use call_user_function:

int call_user_function(HashTable *function_table, zval **object_pp,
    zval *function_name, zval *retval_ptr, zend_uint param_count,
    zval *params[] TSRMLS_DC);

The variant call_user_function_ex also allows prohibiting separation when the argument should be sent by reference by it's not and specifying a symbol table.

This will work both if the relevant function is internal (PHP_FUNCTION) or was defined in userspace. If it's a regular function, you should use EG(function_table) as the first argument, the second should be NULL and I think you can figure out the others.

If you execute the function several times, this is not very efficient. In that case, see the functions in "Zend_API.h" that start with zend_fcall_.

I wouldn't recommend other options to call internal functions, such as manually setting up the arguments stack and other trickery and them manually calling the underlying C function.

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ie. session_start(session_id())

Yes, however in this case it doesn't make sense because session_id() requires the session to already be started.

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