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Hello Everybody i'm new in EJB3, i know how to deploy Session Bean (Stateless or stateful) on Glassfish server in one computer. My question is: how can i deploy session bean on Computer A and Deploy Servlet or JSP on Computer B? It mean Computer A have Session Bean Source and Computer B have Servlet or JSP source. if use 1 computer i can use @EJB dependency inject lookup Session Bean but on another computer how can i do it for client code? Example for 1 computer

private StatelessRemote remote ;

double Dosomething= remote.Dosomething();

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  1. Create a "client jar" with the remote interfaces, deploy in on the client

  2. Provide the app server client jar (not necessary in your scenario)

  3. Provide a jndi.properties on the classpath with the following content (assuming GlassFish to GlassFish communication):

  4. Use the mappedName attribute of the @EJB annotation to specify the global JNDI name of the target Remote EJB component (If there is no jndi-name set in sun-ejb-jar.xml - or no sun-ejb-jar.xml at all - the global jndi-name defaults to the fully qualified Remote 3.0 Business interface class name) :

    private StatelessRemote remote;


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