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I have been developing an app where i need to configure the IPhone settings programmatically like SMS,MMS,Voice & Data. Over settings page I need to set the limits for SMS, MMS , Voice & Data, so that user cannot use it more than that......

Main thing is to set the limits for all of above ...I googled alot & didn't find any kind of help...not a single post.

Is it possible to do such thing in IPhone ?? How can I do it by Private API or by IPhoneSDK???. If it is through private API then pls suggest me the name of that API or by the code.

Urgently looking for Help!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

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The SDK cannot do this. If this is possible, it will have to be through private API (which means you'll be limited to Cydia and jailbroken iPhones for distribution).

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Thanks for reply......But as I had already mentioned. I need it to do anyhow.So can you suggest me the Private API for this!!! –  Ajay Sharma Sep 1 '10 at 6:37

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