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I just installed (or copied) the Flex SDK 4.1 on my Mac to:


For now I'll only be using a plain text-editor to use it. No fancy IDE.

However, it only seems to support flashplayers version 10 and 10.1. At least that's what it looks like from the folders:


I thought I was being smart and copied the version 9 swc from the SDK 3.4 to:


I also copied the flex-config.xml from the SDK 3.4 and renamed it.

When I tried to compile it with the SDK 4.1 by using the -load-config options however, it still complained about certain dependencies that were not found:

// Error: Type not found or no constant at compilation. Matrix3D.
Fout: Type niet gevonden of geen constante bij compilatie. Matrix3D.


So, I thought about copying flash-integration.swc also. But then I thought: before I go any further with tweaking the contents of the SDK 4.1 let's ask SO whether what I intend to do is even possible. Is it? Is it possible to target player 9 for instance with SDK 4.1?

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Flex 4 and above requires Flash Player 10 or highr. It makes use of some 10 specific features, such as the new text engine. If you want to target 9 you'll have to use Flex 3.5 or lower.

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