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If I have an object of arbitrary height and width that moves around the screen, what's an elegant way of detecting when it touches the edge of the screen?

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This depends on your coordinate system. Assuming a coordinate system with (0|0) at the lower left corner you have those cases:

  • Touches left edge if object.origin.x <= 0
  • Touches right edge if object.origin.x + object.size.width >= screenSize.width
  • Touches bottom edge if object.origin.y <= 0
  • Touches top edge if object.origin.y + object.size.height >= screenSize.height

This also works for irregular shaped objects if you use the bounding rectangle for the object.

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If you're using the origin then doesn't that allow the object to go out of the screen? – node ninja Sep 4 '10 at 12:47

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