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For a reason unknown to me, the Release version of my application has started loading cached static files.

If i build in debug mode all is well and it loads the correct most recent files, this occurs on the device and inside the simulator.

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Clean all. I don't remember how to get to it in the menus, but I do it often enough I have the keyboard shortcut ingrained. With no debugger running (hit "stop" if you have to), do Cmd-Shift-K. You'll get a confirm dialog asking for the depth of "clean" to do, and take it up on a full cleaning.

That'll delete all cached objects and the next "build and run" will build all targets from scratch, including updated images and nibs that it hasn't been getting fresh.

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Try going in the menu to XCode -> Empty Caches

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hmm didn't fix the problem, handy feature though didn't know that existed –  Alex Sep 1 '10 at 9:38

I fixed the issue by deleting the resources in xcode and also moving the files to trash, then adding them back into the project. Would be nice to find a way to stop this from happening in the future though.

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