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I need to open new browser window using java script window.open, i have html page but it getting error as page not found.This is from jsf/icefaces.I have display the html page directly.Please help me...

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window.open opens new browser window. If you getting page not found error, may be you should check that the page exists?

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Your JavaScript is correct, you need to correct the URL ('printerFriendly.html').

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Try something like this:

<INPUT type="button" value="New Window!" onClick="window.open('http://stackoverflow.com','mywindow','width=400,height=200,toolbar=yes,

It's in a form, but the JS code would be the same for any other link.

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Opening a New Window With JavaScript


Javascript (JS) Tutorial - opening new browser window using open ...


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Page Not Found is Page Not Found. Check if the URL is correct. Is printerFriendly.html located in the same folder as your current page? It should be. Or you should provide the correct path.

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