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The UIDocumentInteractionController appears to be non-functional in iPad Simulator ("iPhone Simulator" version 4.0, shipping with XCode 3.2.3, using iOS Version 3.2).

I have a simple sample code presenting a PDF preview using UIDocumentInteractionController. It works on the device. On iPad presentPreview just returns NO, the UIDocumentInteractionController's delegate methods are not invoked.

Any hint how to make it work?

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Confirming the same behaviour over here: calling - (BOOL)presentPreviewAnimated: returns NO on the simulator but works on the device. Thanks for pointing this out, I just spent two hours going over my code again and again. Got no solution so far.

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Thank you for confirming. I have filed a bug report with Apple. I have set up a demo project for them. –  Christian Fries Sep 17 '10 at 8:55
Note: The problem is gone in iOS Version 4.2 beta. –  Christian Fries Sep 22 '10 at 11:04

I actually had this issue on ios versions higher than ios 4.2, even though this was a known bug back in the day.

The issue being that the UIDocumentInteractionController would act fine on the device, but in the simulator it would crash. What I discovered was that the problem went away when I managed the memory slightly differently. The difference being, autoreleasing in the DidEndPreview delegate method. Here's the core of my code :

    UIDocumentInteractionController *dc;
    //....other code to generate pdf document
    dc = [[UIDocumentInteractionController interactionControllerWithURL:loadURL] retain];
    dc.delegate = self;

    [dc retain];

    [dc presentPreviewAnimated:YES];

//Delegate Methods
- (void)documentInteractionControllerDidEndPreview:(UIDocumentInteractionController *)controller
    [controller autorelease];

Previously I had handled simply created the document controller like a regular modal view and released it after I presented it.

NOTE : The autorelease is important, you will crash with just a regular release call.

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