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I would like to fill the comment tag @version with mercurial in Eclipse. To do it with subversion I did this:

  1. Placed "@version $$Id$$" in the java source file.

  2. I right click on the project, select "Team -> set Property"

  3. Property name: Enter "svn:keywords"

  4. Enter a text property: Enter "Id"

  5. Check the option "Set property recursively"

  6. Click "OK"

Does anyone know the mercurial equivalent to the subversion process above?

Many thanks.

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I've upvoted Nial's answer below because if one's going to put version info into source that's how one does it, however check out this link… for why you shouldn't. Also, if you can't be talked out of it make sure you use the hash/node id, not the revision numbers which can change on clone. – Ry4an Sep 1 '10 at 18:58

Mercurial comes bundled with the KeywordExtension that will do what you want.

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