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I'm probably doing something silly, but here it goes.

I'm trying to get the FieldInfo from a public event via reflection.

Check this function:

  public void PlotAllFields(Type type) {
      BindingFlags all = BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Public;
      FieldInfo[] fields = type.GetFields(all);
      Console.WriteLine(type + "-------------------------");
      foreach (var fieldInfo in fields) {

  public class Bar : Foo {}

  public class Foo {
      public string Test;
      public event EventHandler Event;
      public event RoutedEventHandler RoutedEvent;

The call PlotAllFields(typeof(Foo)); returns:

  • Test
  • Event
  • RoutedEvent

The call PlotAllFields(typeof(Bar)); returns:

  • Test

I understand that the delegates behind the events are private fields so I can't access them on the subclass. So far so good.

Then I tried: PlotAllFields(typeof(FrameworkElement)); //from WPF

  • _themeStyleCache
  • _styleCache
  • _templatedParent
  • _templateChild
  • _flags
  • _flags2
  • _parent
  • _inheritableProperties
  • MeasureRequest
  • ArrangeRequest
  • sizeChangedInfo
  • _parentIndex
  • _parent
  • _proxy
  • _contextStorage

Well... Where are the 14 events of FrameworkElement class???

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FrameworkElement doesn't use field-like events, it makes calls to AddHandler and RemoveHandler. Most of the time they don't have handlers attached, so WPF uses a system that is more space-efficient. For example, here is the Loaded event, from Reflector:

public event RoutedEventHandler Loaded
        base.AddHandler(LoadedEvent, value, false);
        base.RemoveHandler(LoadedEvent, value);
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That was my suspicion, wanted to check, but beaten :) –  flq Sep 1 '10 at 12:51
Amazing, 3 minutes for the answer. I love Stackoverflow :) –  andrecarlucci Sep 1 '10 at 13:06

try these binding flags

BindingFlags.Default |
BindingFlags.FlattenHierarchy |
BindingFlags.Instance |
BindingFlags.NonPublic |


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