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I am trying to perform a LEFT OUTER JOIN with nhibernate criteria. I also have a filter that gets applied to my queries.

The problem I have is the filter stops the left outer join working properly if the join result is null.

As a very simple example I want to return all the musicians, and if they are in a band then also their band

NHibernate generates the following sql

SELECT this_.Name, band2_.Name
FROM   Musicians this_
       left outer join [Band] band2_
         on this_.BandID = band2_.ID
WHERE  (band2_.IsDeleted = 0)

which won't return the musicians if they aren't in a band. What I want is something like

SELECT this_.Name, band2_.Name
FROM   Musicians this_
       left outer join [Band] band2_
         on this_.BandID = band2_.ID
WHERE  this_.ID = 4894 /* @p3 */
       (band2_.ID IS NULL OR band2_.IsDeleted = 0)

Is this possible with nhibernate?


var projections = new[]

            return this.sessionProvider.GetSession().CreateCriteria<Musician>("Musician")
                .CreateCriteria("Musician.Band", "Band", JoinType.LeftOuterJoin)
                .Add(Restrictions.Eq("Musician.ID", parameters.MusicianId))

The filter is defined with FluentNHibernate

this.WithName(FilterName).WithCondition("IsDeleted = 0")
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Can you post the ICriteria code? –  DanP Sep 1 '10 at 13:45

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Firstly, this is much easier if you simply map Band to Musician as a reference:

public class MusicianDbMap : ClassMap<Musician>
    public MusicianDbMap()
         References(x => x.Band)
             .Not.LazyLoad(); // Or lazy load... either way

Then you can just run a simple query - here it is in Linq-2-NHibernate:

      .Where(x => x.Band == null || !x.Band.IsDeleted)

Secondly, I'm not sure about this statement of yours: "which won't return the musicians if they aren't in a band"... I'm not sure if that is correct. A left outer join should return all rows, regardless of whether they are in a band or not - are you sure that you haven't made an error somewhere else?

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Musician is mapped to Band as a reference. If you look at the sql that nhibernate generates, the filter that gets applied (band2_.IsDeleted = 0) stops the musicians without bands being returned (despite the left join). if you add the IS NULL check then it works as I want. –  Luke Smith Sep 1 '10 at 15:06

This is a bug in NHibernate.

I used proposed workaround and set useManyToOne on the filter to false. This property isn't currently in FluentNhibernate so I just do it in ExposeConfiguration

foreach (var key in cfg.FilterDefinitions.Keys)
  filter = cfg.FilterDefinitions[key];
  cfg.FilterDefinitions[key] = new  FilterDefinition(
    filter.ParameterTypes, false);
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