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Is it only in the event arguments that get passed into the event handler?

i know you can get which button made the click in the mouse event, but is that the only difference?

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both are right. i gave one the right answer and upvoted the other. – Jugglingnutcase Sep 9 '10 at 15:42
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The CellClick event does not receive information about the mouse position. If the event handler needs information about the mouse position, use the CellMouseClick event.

See here:

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Exact same kind of difference as between a control's Click and MouseClick events. The Click event can also be generated by the keyboard. For example when the user presses the space bar when a button has the focus.

Very similar for DataGridView, OnCellClick can be raised when the column contains a Button, CheckBox or link. Necessarily there is no mouse info, the cursor could be anywhere.

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