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I have a model with a list property.

I have a csv that has each list data that looks like this.


The list has only one item each.

My bulkloader.yaml has configured import_transform: transform.none_if_empty(list). It uploads the above list property as [u'[', u'u', u"'", u'1', u'2', u'3', u'4', u'5', u'6', u'7', u"'", u']']

How should I configure the import_transform in order to upload it properly?


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Try something like this:

import_transform: lambda x: [x] if x else None
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Didn't work for me yet. It says... Error parsing yaml file: Unable to asssign value 'lambda x' to attribute 'import_transform': Invalid code for import_transform. Code: "lambda x". Details: unexpected EOF while parsing <<string>, line 1> Any ideas? –  Albert Sep 1 '10 at 22:26
Hm. You may have to put the transform in a Python module, then import it and use it in the same way the bulkloader imports other modules in the yaml config. –  Nick Johnson Sep 2 '10 at 8:47
You can quote the lambda expression and make it into a string, import_transform: "lambda x: [x] if x else None" –  jsz Jul 2 '12 at 8:25

You can use json, it work for me. Like this:

import_transform: transform.none_if_empty(json.loads)
export_transform: transform.none_if_empty(json.dumps)

Remember to import json in python_preamble block.

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