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I previously asked about Version Cue 3 vs Subversion. I think this is a better question and someone suggested I hope this question will allow others to join in and suggest other tools or give specific recommendation to using Version Que versus other tools.

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Take a look at this article comparing Subversion, Mercurial, Git and Bazaar for managing the files in a home directory, including image files and large Photoshop files that are being edited and versioned.

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PixelNovel's Timeline is a SVN plugin for Photoshop. They have standalone and hosted versions.

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Photoshop plugin is very handy for our designers team. Even, if we would like to have something like this with git. – Fedir Nov 21 '11 at 9:55

I'd like to suggest

It was made for designers with designer's needs in mind. Other solutions (GIT, SVN, etc.) cannot give you proper usability, and as well, your clients would be not able to comment, review and browse design milestones in an easy way.

Other way is to use but they are struggling with some security issues. Also the usability is not really great.

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Take a look at Perforce (, particularly if you are managing these files in the context of development projects. It is a code-oriented system, but it supports binary files well and has a Photoshop plugin. P4 isn't free, but it is worth every penny if you need professional-grade SCM - it is solid, fast, flexible and easy to use. (I am a very satisfied customer.)

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For my game development I found this: Evolphin Zoom . It's pretty fast and it is compatible with all Adobe products. I like the Visual Asset Browser because it has a lot of ways to find things. It also has a web dashboard, which is useful if you have a team.

They are advertising it as a 'more than a replacement for version cue'. So if you're coming from that, you might find that a nice perk, too.

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