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I have learnt C and Assembly(IA32) on Linux and I will also be learning a few more languages this year. I want to make my fundamentals strong and for that I need some tips from you guys as in, where will I find programs for practice? so that I solve them and get more and more experience.

Any good web links that would help a novice programmer to improve and be confident about the language he/she is learning.

I try looking up for questions on websites but they are either too difficult or not meant for beginners.I want some source which would help me to be more clear fundamentally and conceptually.


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You could start by coding some of the simpler Project Euler problems in C, and then translate them to assembly. The problems get progressively more challenging as you go.

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similar one: – adf88 Sep 1 '10 at 15:28
@adf88 - Thanks for that pointer, cool site – bstpierre Sep 1 '10 at 16:44

This page has an on-line version of The Art of Assembly Language Programming by Randall Hyde, but without the laboratory exercises. However it still includes a lot of code snippets, and Randy takes a high-level approach to assembly programming using macros which will be familiar to a C programmer. (I worked with Randy nearly 30 years ago doing assembly language programming on the Apple II).

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It depends on how "novice" you are, but I'll be suggesting the UVa Online Judge.

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One thing you can do (recommended to me by an experienced programmer) is read really good code. The Linux kernel is written in C. You can go to to study with the first version, which would probably be easier than the current one. Beyond that, I would recommend finding an open source project for C that interests you. Working on a real-world project that interests you is going to be the best way to grow your skills.

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