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I am fairly new to qTip and so far things look awesome for implementing.

I am trying to setup my contacts to have a mouseover like gmail has when you mouse over a contact is shows their picture and specific actions.

I currently have the code loading dynamically with the position target set to mouse, and have the hide set to fixed:true.

But when I move the mouse the tooltip moves too, and I need it to stand still so I can click on actions inside the tooltip.

This is what I have so far.


   // Use the each() method to gain access to each of the elements attributes

       content: {
          method: 'GET',
           url: 'testData.php', 
          data: { 
             id: 1
         position: { target: 'mouse', 
                 adjust: { screen: true, scroll: true } },
       show: {
         delay: 700,
         solo: true 
       hide: {
            fixed: true, // Make it fixed so it can be hovered over
         when: 'mouseout'
         style: {
            padding: '5px 15px', // Give it some extra padding
            name: 'light' // And style it with the preset dark theme



Any help would be appreciated!!

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Found it, all I had to add was this:

position: { 
   target: 'mouse', 
   adjust: { screen: true, scroll: true, mouse: false } 
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