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I'm trying to add a variable i created on to the end of one of my links but not sure how to do it?

<a href="../../availability/default.aspx?propid=' + myvariable + '">Link</a>

Any ideas?



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Something like this will create a closure which will store your original HREF property:

function init() {
    var link = document.getElementById("link");
    var hrefOrig = link.href;
    var dd = document.getElementById("DropDown");
    dd.onchange = function(){ link.href = hrefOrig + dd.value; }

window.addEventListener("load", init, false); // for Firefox; for IE, try window.attachEvent
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Thank you works perfectly! – Jamie Taylor Sep 1 '10 at 17:25

Add an ID:

<a id="link" href="../../availability/default.aspx?propid=">Link</a>


document.links["link"].href += myvariable;


$('#link').attr('href', $('#link').attr('href') + myvariable);
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I've got a bit of an issue in that i am adding the variable onchange of a drop down list and it keeps adding it on to href everytime change the drop down? – Jamie Taylor Sep 1 '10 at 16:30
if you don`t require a valid html you can add attribute "basic_href" to the A-tag and change the code of Adam like: $('#link').attr('href', $('#link').attr('basic_href') + myvariable); – Ilian Iliev Sep 1 '10 at 17:47

The solution is only to adapt the code that Adam post above so:


<a id="link" href="">Link</a>

<select onchange="addVariable(this.value)">...


function addVariable(myvariable){

document.links["link"].href = "../../availability/default.aspx?propid=" + myvariable;

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