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I am trying to use the wadl2java command line tool to generate the client side stubs for a wadl I have been provided with, but I am getting a JClass name empty error. Can anyone help me to resolve this? I can't seem to find much trouble shooting info around this.

the fullstack trace is

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: JClass name empty at com.sun.codemodel.JDefinedClass.(JDefinedClass.java:194) at com.sun.codemodel.JDefinedClass.(JDefinedClass.java:154) at com.sun.codemodel.JDefinedClass._class(JDefinedClass.java:631) at com.sun.codemodel.JDefinedClass._class(JDefinedClass.java:606) at org.jvnet.ws.wadl2java.ResourceClassGenerator.generateClass(ResourceClassGenerator.java:132) at org.jvnet.ws.wadl2java.Wadl2Java.generateSubClass(Wadl2Java.java:406) at org.jvnet.ws.wadl2java.Wadl2Java.generateEndpointClass(Wadl2Java.java:384) at org.jvnet.ws.wadl2java.Wadl2Java.process(Wadl2Java.java:146) at org.jvnet.ws.wadl2java.Main.main(Main.java:120)

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In your wadl file if you have path with out value then you get this exception. It is known bug. To solve it just add path insted or empty.

<resource path="/">

above lead error.

Correct one is

<resource path="/MyClass">
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We've seen additonal types with empty PATH using Jersey to generate the wadl. Manually removing the extra lines resolves the problem.

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