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I am a bit of a iPhone/Mac OS newb. When I look at a backtrace in the debugger and UIKit or other Apple Libraries are on the call stack I can't see their function arguments because of missing debug symbols.

Does Apple Ship debugging symbols for the iPhone Simulator libraries like UIKit?


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No. The OS-level components do not ship with debug symbols, nor have those symbols available to you. On the Mac, the only case I can think of where a special debug version of a framework was made available was for Core Data, but that was more for logging of SQL and other database-related actions.

You can extract a little more information about what's going on in the Simulator using DTrace scripts and custom instruments, which can probe for even private methods and classes. For example, I created a couple of scripts and a custom instrument here that logs out every method that is called in the process of starting up an iPhone application in the Simulator. I describe how that works in this article on MacResearch.

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