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Is it just me, or does Mt.exe hate absolute paths in the -dll option?

I have a Visual C++ project in Visual Studio 2008 with a reference to an isolated (registration free) COM DLL. I copy the COM DLL into the project's output directory using a Pre-Build Event. In the project's properties, on the Configuration Properties > Manifest Tool > Isolated COM dialog I used the following settings:

Type Library File: $(OutDir)\MyCom.tlb
Registrar Script File:
Component File Name: $(OutDir)\MyCom.dll
Replacements File:

Visual Studio shows me the generated command line command:

mt.exe /nologo
    /tlb:"C:\[ ... snip ... ]\OtherProject\Release\MyCom.tlb"
    /dll:"C:\[ ... snip ... ]\OtherProject\Release\MyCom.dll"

It builds fine, but I get a runtime FileNotFound exception. The application can't find MyCom.dll! Changing Component File Name to the following relative path works fine:

Component File Name: ..\$(ConfigurationName)\MyCom.dll
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mt.exe shipped with Visual Studio 2010 does not report any errors if -dll is given an absolute path. –  mloskot Aug 10 '12 at 10:33

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