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I am using Access 2010 Runtime to run my custom database application. Office 2000 professional is also installed on the same machine. I use DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSpelling a couple different place to perform a spell check on the data entered.

This works great on the full version of Access 2000 but when I open it up in 2010 Runtime I get the message MS Access can't start the spell checker because it isnt' installed. I know if the full version of Office isn't installed the spell checking won't work.

Now for my question. The full version of Office is installed, but it is a different version. Is there any way to make Access 2010 Runtime use the Office 2000 proofing tools?

I really want to use 2010 runtime because of several UI improvements that my application uses. I know that I could go back to Access 2000 but that would be a last resort.

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Have you considered a third party spell checker? Can you insert a custom WinForms controls developed in C# into an access database? What about a VB6 control? If you could find a control with spell checking using a third party library, that might work.

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This: pcesoft.com/Access-Spell-Checker-Tool-Source-Code.html is what I came up with and it seems like it may work for me. The biggest drawback is the performance... –  Icode4food Sep 1 '10 at 18:34

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