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I'm beginner of Android. I want to run my first application on emulator. I use eclipse.

I don't know what's happen. I installed my apk. I "register" my acitivity in manifest file, but I can't see it in list of application. When I open manage application setting it's written that my apk is installed. I searched about it everywhere.

Even in faq of Android Development there is post about but I did all this things.

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From the fundamentals page:

The first filter in the example — the combination of the action "android.intent.action.MAIN" and the category "android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" — is a common one. It marks the activity as one that should be represented in the application launcher, the screen listing applications users can launch on the device. In other words, the activity is the entry point for the application, the initial one users would see when they choose the application in the launcher.

So to have your application in the application launcher, make sure you have android.intent.category.LAUNCHER set in the Manifest.

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Greate answer! It's exactly what I was looking for. Thank! –  kspacja Sep 1 '10 at 23:05

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