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What programming language was Windows Vista programmed in?

What is the primary programming language in which Windows was written? I'm pretty sure the kernel of all versions of Windows was/is written in C. Is this correct? Now, what about items such as the command line tools such as ipconfig, ping, cmd, net, etc? Are these tools written in C or C++? What about services such as the print spooler, terminal services, IIS, etc? Are these written in C or C++? Lastly, are there any components that are written in Assembly language? Thanks for your answers.

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Most of those components and applications would be C++.

I doubt there are entire components in assembly - maybe pieces of some components.

And yes, most of the kernel is in C.

I believe the inside windows or the windows internals books would be good places to start if you want to learn more.

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Windows NT System Overview says,

Most of the source code for Windows NT is written in C or C++. These high-level languages make it relatively easy to port Windows NT to different types of workstations. The same source code can be recompiled to build versions of Windows NT that are specific to each processor's instruction set.

A small amount of the code in Windows NT is written in assembly language. Typically, this is code that either interacts directly with a computer's hardware, or needs to run extremely fast.

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